Indiana bill moves to repeal licensing for cosmetologists

I feel like I should be more outraged about this than I am. I guess I’m just not really surprised anymore when the government of Indiana tries to do something ridiculous.

I suppose I need not point out all of the glaring ways in which this is a bad idea (chemical procedures gone wrong and sanitation and health hazards being merely the tip of the iceberg.) Perhaps I’m not that outraged because I do like the thought of doing away with cosmetology schools. I learned close to nothing in school, and could have saved a lot of time and money by moving right on to my apprenticeship. But it seems like nothing good could come of doing away with the state board that oversees education requirements and sanitation standards.

If there is one thing that does get under my skin about this, it’s the idea that the bar could get EVEN LOWER for my industry. I love what I do, and I take the artistry of it very seriously. But I am consistently horrified by what passes among many of my peers every time I go to a class, conference or trade show. I feel like people already have a not-entirely-unfair image when they think of an Indiana hairstylist, and it’s an image I fight against daily.

I get a consistent response out of a lot of people when I tell them what I do. Maybe I just shouldn’t care, but there’s a definite stigma that cosmetology isn’t something pursued by intelligent, educated people as a valid career. Maybe this won’t increase that stigma. But it certainly won’t help.

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